Everisation is used for corrosion protection and repair of corrosion- and wear damage.

Everisation is a method for electrolytic Nickel-plating for iron and various steel qualities where the plating is a cold process with bath temperatures less than 40 degrees celcius.

The process gives a completely homogenous connection to the base material without any intermediate plating and where heat tension cannot occur. It is an excellent alternative to Inconell welding.

Plated parts can be machined the same way as the base material and the parts can be forged, bent in hot or cold condition, turned, ground or milled without causing the coating to delaminate.

The Everit coating is applied from 0.01 to more than 3 millimetres on parts of
wrought iron, steel, stainless steel, cast steel, alloyed structural steel as well as rolled and cast metal.

The properties and areas of utilisation are well documented, and over the years a number of tests have been carried out. Copies of the test reports can be conveyed on application.

Everitbelegget have the following properties:

Hardness, normal coating

Hardness, top coating

Tensile strenght

Elongation, normal coating

Elongation, top coating

Adhesion to steel

Coefficient of thermal exansion

Thickness, normal coating

Thickness, top coating

180 - 260HV

480 - 560HV

650 - 700 N/mm2

20 - 17%

0,5 - 0,2%

400 - 500 N/mm2

13* 10-6

0,01 - 3,00 mm

0,01 - 0,2 mm