An experienced partner

Norwegian Everit was established in 1959 by Ernst Thronsen, and has since worked with electrolytic surface treatment.
In 1986, Ernst baton to his son, Erik Thronsen who owns the company today.
We have over the years built up a considerable expertise in nickel / chromium coating.
We have many tests from different certification bodies and customers who have run their own tests and certify us.
Today it is used largely proprietary badoppskrifter and procedures.

We are ISO certified to NS-EN 9001: 2015 and NS-EN 14001: 2015
Certification oppretholdes the annual certification of TI. (Technological Institute)

Norsk Everit A/S
Post adresse:
Sliperiveien 20
3718 SKIEN

Telefon: 35 50 43 30
Telefax: 35 50 43 33